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Yamuna Infra & Technology Pvt. Ltd.


Yamuna Infra & Technology Pvt. Ltd. is developing innovative technologies since its inception, which has ensured the hi-tech attribute of Cable Jointing Kits, Cable Jointing Accessories, Heat Shrinkable PILC Cables, Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Accessories, Rubber Products Making Machines and others. All these avant-garde products are made using the finest material acquired from established companies. The Cable Jointing Kits are ideal for low voltage and high voltage. They deliver appreciable sealing and insulating performance with resin compound and heat shrinkable material. Some of the salient features of these lightweight and compact design cable jointing kits are excellent thermal insulation, continuous current reading, and suitable impulse withstand value that is dependent on the cable size and voltage. Apart, we also offer Cable Jointing Accessories under USSEAL trademark.

The technical solutions implemented in our designing and production processes are based on industry standards and guidelines. In line with this, we offer the best cable jointing accessories and other products that can be used in conjunction with other electrical products of any reputed brands. In their manufacturing process, we use some of the finest equipment, tools and systems that are easy to use and deliver precision performance. Also, we have implemented various measures to decrease the production cost and deliver its benefits to clients.